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LED street luminaire KEDR STREET 2.0 100 W

  • Brand: Ekvalt
  • Product Code: LE-UCO-32-100-X-67C
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КЕDR STREET 2.0 is a console LED luminaire of new generation. The innovative technology of heat dissipation called FINFREE was used while developing this series. This allowed the raise the luminaire’s effectiveness up to 140 lm / W, taking into account all energy losses.

The lamps has the thinnest case in the class of professional lighting, which thickness is only 7 mm. To create the necessary light environment, the KEDR STREET 2.0 series can be equipped with secondary optics, made of light-stabilized polycarbonate, developed by experts of LEDEffect. It is possible to produce luminaires with a power range from 25 W to 300 W at the customer's choice thanks to flexible layout system.

KEDR STREET 2.0 luminaires could be installed on standard street lighting supports with a diameter up to 48 mm with the help of console brackets with a discrete adjustment of the angle of inclination. These lamps could also be installed on the wall. KEDR STREET 2.0 series luminaires are equipped by default with LEDs of cool white-glow (5000K). Also, at customer's request neutral-white (4000K) or warm-white (3000K) LEDs can be installed. The luminaires are thoughtfully designed to allow for PSU replacement without the luminaire itself being dismounted. KEDR STREET 2.0 lamps have a high degree of protection from the influences of environment (IP67).


  • High efficacy, over 140 lm/W;
  • Nichia LEDs (Japan);
  • Energy consumption is 3,5 times less comparing to the one of luminaires with 125-700 W mercury-varared lamps
  • Selection of the required luminaire power;
  • Slim body of only 7 mm, light weight of the luminaire;
  • Innovative heat removal technology;
  • Secondary optics made of light-stabilized polycarbonate;
  • Secondary optics of LED-Effect production;
  • Basic lens modification is made of a durable transparent polycarbonate of 2 mm thickness;
  • Replacement of the power supply without dismantling the lamp;
  • Instant start in low temperatures;
  • Simple installation on standard street lighting supports with a diameter up to 48 mm;
  • It is possible to install the luminaire on the wall with the help of a bracket with the adjustment of the angle of inclination;
  • No specific requirements for maintenance and no specific requirements for disposal;
  • Lifetime over 50 000 hours.


  • Federal highways, highways of regional significance, vicinal roads;
  • Parks and squares, warehouses;
  • Inter-district roads, pedestrian sidewalks;
  • Gas stations, parking lots, shops, industrial areas;
  • Railway platforms.
Power, W: 100
Luminous flux, Lm: 14000
Color temperature, K: 5000
Light distribution curve: C (cosine), W (wide)
Input voltage, V: 175-264
Color rendering index, CRI: > 75
Percent flicker, %: 1
Power factor: 0,98
Electric safety classification: I
IP rating: 67
Climatic modification: NF 1
Temperature range, °C: -60 +50
Lifetime, hours: 50 000
Landing diameter, mm: 48
Warranty, year: 3
Dimensions, mm: 253x503х63
Dimensions of a package, (LxWxH) mm: 260х620х96
Weight, kg: 3.8
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