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Production and sale of LED lamps with delivery in Europe

"Elukvaliteet" has begun manufacturing industrial-grade LED lighting. Given the high demand for led lighting, we produce products as simple as possible during installation, reliable and durable in operation, at an affordable price and with a maximum warranty period. Our team decided that the main advantage of the products will be reliability and ergonomic design. When assembling fixtures, we use only proven components:

  • LEDs OSRAM, Nichia
  • Helvar power supply
  • Steel body, aluminum; anti-corrosion staining.
  • Steel fastening

The main design advantages of high-quality LED lighting:

  • Energy efficiency. Low energy consumption - the consumption of electric current is almost 5 times less compared to other artificial light sources.
  • LED lighting does not burn oxygen during operation.
  • Low temperature of the device during the work, does not emit heat.
  • Long service life - from 25,000 to 100,000 hours. In terms of years - 27 years, when the lamps work 10 hours a day.
  • High impact resistance - LED housing made of steel or aluminum. Even when falling from the 5th floor the lamp continues to work without losing tightness.
  • Not affected by vibration - LED lighting is not affected by vibration.
  • Protection against uneven voltage or overvoltage - LED lighting successfully operates in the voltage range from 150 to 340 volts.
  • Some models are dust and moisture protected with IP67 protection level.

In order for our client to be profitable to purchase the products of the company “Elukvaliteet” we take warranty obligations for 5 years. Currently, in each country of the European Union, we are negotiating the creation of service centers in major cities.